Happy winter

I’m neglecting my blog again. I mean to write every week. Sorry blog.

We are having a snow storm and the temp is dropping to close to zero tonight. Still I must go see the  movie at the Dryden Theater just because. I shoveled the driveway a bit, yet the snow piles at end of driveway are so high it is hard to get any more snow over the top.

OK, so I don’t really mind winter. I lived in California for 23 years. I lived in Rochester NY for 18 years before that, and now another 8 years or so. The snow absorbs sound and makes the world more quiet. It is beautiful to look at the unbroken field of snow along the sidewalk, solid and white and glittering. It’s made up of millions of snowflakes, or maybe billions (?) and of course will melt one day soon.

We only have 2-4 weeks of really bad weather left. Somehow I may try to shovel off my lower roof over my downstairs bathroom… have to find the ladder and put it up in 2-3 feet of snow in the backyard… Sunday it is supposed to warm up above 20 so i may do it then.


Rochester is a great city: We have glorious parks, recreation areas, beautiful countryside only minutes away and yet we have a vital urban area too. Right now our downtown needs spiffing up, yet we still have much to offer for residents and visitors. Great arts scene, good shopping such as our great Rochester Public Market.

I love the music scene in Rochester, from ushering for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, or the RPO as we say here, to the Jazz Festival, to great local bands. Also since I am a movie nerd, I love the Dryden Theater at the George Eastman House. Also good restaurants, not too big and easy to get around. Only 1 hour by plane from NYC, 3 hrs drive to Toronto, 90 min drive to Niagara Falls. Yes we have “strong” and interesting winters but I like winter. Lots of ice skating rinks, parks for cross-country skiing and sledding, ski slopes (and only 4 hrs drive from Adirondacks for more skiing). Yeah Rochester.