The Big Sleep starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Netflix rental. The plot is kind of convoluted, and it has to remain true to the book – fans were just as much outraged by any change made from print to screen as they are today. According to the Special Features, some scenes were refilmed and changed to emphasize Lauren Bacall’s strengths.


Gilda. I used to like this movie and even owned it somehow. The more I watched it, however, the more I really disliked it. I cannot understand why Johnny Farrell treats Gilda so terribly, and this is a major crux of the film. Throughout the whole movie, Gilda is basically treated as a piece of meat by both leading men. What is her great crime? This is right after WW2 and its very much hinted at that Galen was / is a Nazi, or at least a Nazi sympathizer. Yet Johnny Farrell has no trouble becoming pals with him and defending him. Farrell seems to be angry at God or the world and he just takes it out on Gilda – why should she put up with it? If you want to call this a feminist critique of it, so be it. It is just my interpretation and review based on watching it a bunch of times. Yes Rita Hayworth is beautiful and glamorous. It’s obvious Galen wants her as a trophy wife, and so she spends the movie being hammered in by both men as if she were a ball in a pinball machine. Just because it is supposed to be “edgy” and “thrilling noir” doesn’t mean I have to find this film appealing.


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