women and men

Last time I checked, every single person on this planet gets 2 cells to start out life with: 1 from mom and 1 from dad. Therefore each and everyone of us is a mixture of male and female. Yes men have XY and women have XX but these are just metaphors.
The Alpha Male is simply a myth at least for humans. To me, the true alpha males were Jesus and Ghandi and Maya Angelou and really truly brave brave souls who cannot stay restricted to what is defined for him or her. Buddha. Thomas Jefferson. Aristotle.
For some to think it means a muscly Superman or Batman type person/ man who gets all the babes he wants any and all the time, you are misled. Look within. That which you seek is within you. It is not in some hot sorority babe woman or in being CEO or President or having 250 children. (by the way, Osama Bin Laden’s father sired over 200 children and had upteem wives. look how his son turned out!)

I think technology and the Internetzation of life has made us more isolated and lonely. GO out and hike in the woods or fields or beach. Nature heals. The greater segregation of genders is troubling. We need to each understand others, of both genders. We need to know ourselves.


Technology and People

Heard a comment today “I’m not into computers, I like people.” I’ve had other comments subtly directed at me a long time ago that were similar, simply because it was easy for me to use and find my way around a computer. “Just because someone has high technical skills, and low personal skills does not mean they will get special treatment.” Why would I ask for special treatment simply because I liked using computers?

Having strong people skills and computer skills are not mutually exclusive. Computers can be a big bear to deal with, but so can people. A computer is simply a device to use, just like a car or telephone or television. When was the last time you knew someone who lived in a village in a hut?

Jazz Festival Seen and Heard

Biker guys in denim vests and tatoos all over in the lobby of Eastman Theater checking info on their iPads. not something one sees every day. 🙂
Also many men checking out young women while with their wives / etc and pretending to NOT check out other women (esp. young women). You guys are soooo obvious!

his may be off subject, but I feel it is related: What is it about literature that has a phobia about mothers? Can you name me a good, strong, normal mother character? Perhaps this goes back to Greek Myths, the strongest goddess is Athena, goddess of war and wisdom… Most “romance” novels are extremely lacking in good older female role models for the heroine. Even Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s mother is sort of a joke, a cariacature. Nowhere do we get her perspective, of having to secure the future of 5 daughters, which may not be easy at all in early 1800s England. many women ended up destitute widows or worse, even if they “marry well.”
This is what bothers me about Star Wars too, we have seen some of Leia’s strength of motherhood in the EU, but at the end she had to become a lightsaber wielding fighter chick to be “real” or “strong.” We know nothing about Mara’s mother. We also hear nothing from Padme’s mother and her reaction to that weird Jedi Anakin guy or anything else that happens in Padme’s life. Little Women does well, but Marme is a secondary character, the epitome of quiet strength and fortitude, doing one’s duty. It’s like a character is a good mother if she gives up her child – Mara had to leave Ben to keep him safe, Tenel Ka has to give up her kid too.

Movies with Women

Here is a start on my list of movies with women that I find to actually hold my interest as a good story to be told. Is it just me or has the past 2 years been quite sparse in terms of finding women in movies? They just aren’t there.

The Queen
Boys on the Side
Polish Wedding
Where the Heart Is
The Sheltering Sky
The Stepford Wives
An Angel at My Table
Once Around
The Good Mother
Steel Magnolias
Away from Her
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
My Life Without Me
Lady Jane
The Importance of Being Earnest
My First Mister
The Piano
Gone With the Wind
Imitation of Life (yes this has some racist elements, but it is really a movie about women)