women and men

Last time I checked, every single person on this planet gets 2 cells to start out life with: 1 from mom and 1 from dad. Therefore each and everyone of us is a mixture of male and female. Yes men have XY and women have XX but these are just metaphors.
The Alpha Male is simply a myth at least for humans. To me, the true alpha males were Jesus and Ghandi and Maya Angelou and really truly brave brave souls who cannot stay restricted to what is defined for him or her. Buddha. Thomas Jefferson. Aristotle.
For some to think it means a muscly Superman or Batman type person/ man who gets all the babes he wants any and all the time, you are misled. Look within. That which you seek is within you. It is not in some hot sorority babe woman or in being CEO or President or having 250 children. (by the way, Osama Bin Laden’s father sired over 200 children and had upteem wives. look how his son turned out!)

I think technology and the Internetzation of life has made us more isolated and lonely. GO out and hike in the woods or fields or beach. Nature heals. The greater segregation of genders is troubling. We need to each understand others, of both genders. We need to know ourselves.



I consider myself basically a Christian or christian person. Raised in a christian church and i read the bible occasionally, etc, go to a church that follows that tradition. so why do I consider that abortion is entirely moral? Indeed it is immoral to me to deny a woman and/or couple the choice to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive needs.


Like water in a river meeting an ocean or lake, I let the angst and conflict within melt and combine that which is Greater than me til I know again that all is well.


Pray without attachment to results
We think we know what’s best,
but God answers prayers in infinite ways.

Learn to let go of outcomes by quieting the mind and seeing by the light of the heart.

– from Reverend Ellen Grace O’Brian

Steve Jobs

There is so much being written about this man now. hmmm. Well I won’t go into my own stuff. However I read a piece where the guy thinks Steve Jobs killed nostalgia. No. He was against nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. Not that you should not learn from the past, appreciate the past, keep the important stuff from the past. After all, this was a man who owned a company that produced the Toy Story movies, among other very fun, friendly, warm, moving, inspiring movies. Do not get stuck in the past, which is often a trap, a distraction.

my god is your god

The reason I wrote that earlier post describing something about my beliefs and faith in God is that I see some trends from the far-right Christians that want to take over everyone’s protestant ideas and faith because they consider their way the best. Michelle Bachmann thinks she has a direct connection to God. Good for her, but she is not the only one. I am liberal, and Christian, and I go to church many sundays, and I believe women have the right to control their reproductive destinies completely. That God gave us free choice, has co-created us to make choices. There is no right one way to spiritual growth and peace. My faith may be just as strong as anyone’s, and I do not agree with Bachmann saying God wanted to send a message by destroying towns etc.

OK even though it’s a bit chilly out, I am going to go garden and pull some weeds.

Love is all you need

Yes, I am a religious person. I believe in God, I rely upon my faith in God.

I am not afraid to say God. But I do not believe one has to believe in God or any particular religious faith in order to be a spiritually-minded person. You can call it higher power, Higher Conciousness, Higher Self, the Universe, the universe, a tree. I believe it is the height of arrogance to think that all that is is only what I see and experience. That I have to be convinced about some “God” out there. For god is within me, within each of us. and why do we have to capitalize god? does god need the flattery? 

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