Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door

My backyard still has about 4″ of snow or so, slowly melting. The yard behind mine has standing water. Pond of the Back I call it. We have robins now and I’m sure they are just impatient for the snow to be gone so they can dig up all those juicy worms etc. Yet the ground is still pretty hard for them to get into. I prefer winter really to hot humid August days of summer. yech.
I will be glad to have the robins (and other birds and squirrels) have free access to the grass and roots, so they can aerate my lawn.
The shed in the back is a reminder that as soon as it gets warmer, I will be tearing that thing down. It is all wood and has stood there for 50+ years but due to carpenter ant invasion needs to come down. The walls are still sound and I may salvage them (see if they are cedar??). This shed now has a blue tarp I put up over it in fall.
We’ve had such a cold and strange winter. Started early with a snow storm at Thanksgiving. Then off and on cold and warm. Then very cold. well I really do like winter. Yet I’m not an outdoor winter sports fan or anything.
Due to breaking my ankle 30 years ago this past March I get tendonitis and swelling in my ankle which means I just need to be circumspect about how hard I “play.”


Rochester is a great city: We have glorious parks, recreation areas, beautiful countryside only minutes away and yet we have a vital urban area too. Right now our downtown needs spiffing up, yet we still have much to offer for residents and visitors. Great arts scene, good shopping such as our great Rochester Public Market.

I love the music scene in Rochester, from ushering for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, or the RPO as we say here, to the Jazz Festival, to great local bands. Also since I am a movie nerd, I love the Dryden Theater at the George Eastman House. Also good restaurants, not too big and easy to get around. Only 1 hour by plane from NYC, 3 hrs drive to Toronto, 90 min drive to Niagara Falls. Yes we have “strong” and interesting winters but I like winter. Lots of ice skating rinks, parks for cross-country skiing and sledding, ski slopes (and only 4 hrs drive from Adirondacks for more skiing). Yeah Rochester.


Winter blues and blahs

It’s so easy to sit at home and be depressed / feel deprressed. It is too easy to turn on the tv and tune out.
the quote from the 1960s / 70s counterculture was “Tune in, Drop out…” not Tune Out. So we keep going. I keep going.
And we are not the first peoples to deal with this in history. What was it like to be stuck in a cabin in the middle of vast landscapes as a French trapper in the 1600s in Illinois or Minnesota? Mighty lonely.


I love winter and its long dark passages of the 24 hours called a day. Winter is preferable to the oppressive humid summer heat. Cuddling up on the couch when it is dark, freezing and bitter outside is comforting. The way the snow in the backyard looks outside the back window, reflecting, absorbing and refracting light, even in the middle of the night. Faint light at 5 am is all the world needs in this time, all it can handle. Faint rays of the direct sun bending its way around the curvature of the horizon belong in June. At least here in Rochester, NY.

Quiet does not mean timid

Often it can be assumed because I am quiet that I am timid. I do not start complaining of all my kids and problems as soon as I meet someone. It can be a revelation to simply listen first, or most of the time, take my time. Many people need to talk to fill up the silence. I like silence. Doesn’t mean I am completely introverted.

hot hot hot

It’s so hot today that I don’t want to even get into my car which will be hot in the blazing sun, drive on those hot streets and go to a hot tarmac parking lot, go into the mall / movie / etc to get some AC relief for a few hours. because at the end I have to walk back to that hot car on that hot parking lot. miserable. not sure what I’m goign to do, if anything. have so much to clean and organize and straighten out. but I want to read my book.

Jazz Festival Seen and Heard

Biker guys in denim vests and tatoos all over in the lobby of Eastman Theater checking info on their iPads. not something one sees every day. 🙂
Also many men checking out young women while with their wives / etc and pretending to NOT check out other women (esp. young women). You guys are soooo obvious!

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