i am very very disappointed in the recent Supreme Court decisions about the Voting Rights Act. How can they do this? There is still much voting discrimination out there, and the work in many states for Voter ID laws are Orwellian, at best. This is just awful. A step backwards. Are we race-blind now? No of course not. Look at the horrible diatribe against President Obama. How many of them are simply based on the fact that he is black? Look at the difference between achievements of students along racial lines — between poor blacks and poor whites, middle class white and middle class blacks. What accounts for the disparities?


Trayvon Martin

The tragedy of Trayvon Martin is that was so unnecessary. George Zimmerman wanted to protect his neighbors. Yet he ended up shooting his neighbor’s son in cold blood. If he had gotten to know his neighbors better, instead of being so overly suspicious and paranoid, following people arround just becuase they “looked suspicious” then he might have known or guessed that the young man in question was in fact the son of his neighbor.
I wish race were not a factor in this. Yet it is in a big way. Without the racial aspect, this young man could be any of us, any of our children.
Where is my constitutional right to be protected from idiots with guns?

Healthcare in America: sick people for sale

What will you do when there is no money left to pay doctors? What will you do when it comes to your turn to be old and to pay $2 million in the last 2 weeks of your life at the age of 98 but oh wait the hospitals went bankrupt years ago. Let’s keep drugging everyone up or ordering useless tests that any good doctor should not have to use in order to help you, to tell you what is going on!!!! This country is dumb – how are we going to keep paying for this great medical system when everyone is broke!!! Healthcare costs are rising 20% a year —- no one no one can keep up with that.

Why is it that all the complainers and people against healthcare reform are over 65!!!! They are all on MEDICARE OR MEDICAID anyways!!!! Where is my option? Why can’t I buy health insurance from the goverment??? Why why why??? In my mind these angry blasters are selfish — have they actually thought of all the other people out there without health insurance who are terrified of going to see a doctor or hospital??? Why because they know any little thing could likely bankrupt them. What about those who serve you at Starbucks or take your money at the gas station or McDonalds — all those people holding down 3 or even 1 part time job? People stay miserable in their jobs for years or decades because they are afraid of losing their healthcare insurance and being denied any further coverage.

One big stinking problem most Americans do not want to face is that trying to turn healtcare into a “business model” is inherently flawed. How do you make money off sick people? The people who need a doctor need one when they need one, it is difficult to predict. Thus, for profit hospitals etc still rely upon government help, i.e., Medicaid.