More on Star Wars oy Vader!

There are those who don’t like Hayden. I think he is very good as the brash young Jedi in training. just a few scenes show this so clearly: The Tusken Raider killing admission scene, the “I’m pregnant” scene. and more. How he is with the Emperor, etc.

I think some people are uncomfortable with his acting because it is so raw, and so spot-on. He is supposed to be all powerful, and he shows his vulnerability. And how easy is it to play the man inside the monster, the man before he is the monster, showing him as a goofy, obnoxious young man?

Mainly I think the acting, directing and writing are fine but somehow it all gets so clogged up throughout Episodes 1-3. It’s like the actors are all wading through the garbage muck or swamp on Yoda’s planet. In contrast Episode 4 A New Hope is like a fast roller coaster ride, yet not overwhelming nor too fast.


Violence, Media, Fantasy and Science Fiction

I read about the bizarre and disgusting reaction to the woman who went to the con in May and complained about the lack of and the status of women in gaming. How some pipsqueak pimply pasty white boys jerking off in their basement start sending nasty tweets and messages and starting a gang to flame her bigtime. This type of behavior does just make me want to turn off the Internet and go outside and garden, walk, ride a bike, interact with REAL people in REAL time and/or escape back to my own world.
I’ve never really been into science fiction and fantasy nor have I played many computer games except for Solitaire, Prince of Persia back in the day, etc.
So I recently found another thing I’d written a few years ago.
I have faithfully read most of the Star Wars books, but haven’t ever gotten into George RR Martin, for example, or Heinlein or anything else. Then I gave up on the Star Wars books because either I realized that they’ve been like this all along, or it became too much or I realized the books were heading into a world of too much war and hardness, male male masculine. All relationships are based on tactics, as if relationships are too feminine, ‘soft’ weak, as if it has no place in Star Wars.
For example, some people did not like the Mara Jade character, the character created in the books to be Luke Skywalker’s wife. I think they raised holy hell and whether or not Mara Jade was killed off in a book because of that I do not know. She was killed off and Leia Solo – the Princess Leia from the movies – had to train to become a Jedi Knight. Which I was unhappy with because there are many ways to use and rely upon the Force, if the Force is a term for God in the Star Wars universe. I always felt Leia used the Force as much as Luke, but that she used it as a diplomat, negotiator and not in terms of being a military person or soldier. Especially after the end of the 6th movie, Return of the Jedi. But no, Leia must become a ‘warrior woman’ too, because otherwise she is “just” a woman, a leader. Yet look in real life at how much power and strength world leaders have, even the Secretarys of State such as Madeline Albright, Hilary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice.

War War War. If I keep buying books titled ‘wars’ am I furthering war? I wonder if they promote violence as a means, as well as an end.

It sometimes seems that technophilia is so closely connected with misogyny. And represented by both in works of science fiction and such. Because to leave the earth and try to live elsewhere, which is your mother, the nurturer, creator of all things you need to live, eat, drink, breathe, rest, play, work, live, progress, this earth – you need to reject your mother. Does one then try to hate her to make it easier? To deny her, to do ‘better’ than her. To survive without her.
Right now in 2013, we have no other “ship” than Earth Mother. That is why we should take better care of her. Actually I believe she will survive long after we are gone. The Earth is wiser than us.

Redeeming Qualities of Star Wars: Phantom Menace

To make up for the annoying Jar Jar Binks, these can be focused upon:

1. Liam Neeson as a Jedi

2. Ewan McGregor as his padawan

3. The dinner scene reminds me of Luke having dinner with his Uncle and Aunt

4. Fun to see R2D2 doing cool stuff

5. Watching young Obi-Wan do some Jedi fighting

6. Qui-Gon’s line “There’s always a bigger fish.”

7. The parade at the end with Palpatine’s sliminess towards young Skywalker.

8. The fight against Darth Maul, Obi-Wan’s awesomeness in slicing him in 1/2.


Mara Jade, Star Wars, Sci Fi and women

I am not writing about this as a feminist, but just as a general topic. If I write about women then why is it automatically a feminist issue? This affects more than women.
I loved the Star Wars movies when they first came out in 1977. Indeed I traveled far by bus 2 more times within that first year to see Star Wars 2 more times which was unprecedented in my family. We barely went to see any movies 1 time, much less going back again to see it twice. Then I found a book, “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” which I read and enjoyed. It delved more into the story of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. But I forgot about the content etc and can’t say I read it again. Still I enjoyed it. Went to see the next two movies as they came out. Then of course no more movies. I even went to see that horrid duck movie.
It is 1991 and I am living in San Francisco. I am in the Green Apple Bookstore and I see a book there, in the new and hot section: Dark Force Rising and it says Star Wars on it. It’s a hardcover, and expensive and I usually don’t buy new books, new hardcovers cuz they are alot of money, more than I spend. So i dont’ get it right away but I know I want it, I really really want it. I read parts of it and find alot of story about Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker and more new characters. Finally I break down and buy it (and it was discounted at Green Apple, not full price). then I discover there is an earlier book, “Heir to the Empire” and I go and find that book as used and buy that and read it too. I loved them! I didnt’ necessarily like Mara Jade too much, felt she was too hard, too aggressive. but she grew on me and I did like it eventually.

the dark side is easy

the dark side is easy. it’s easy to be angry or depressed or negative. actually it is easy to be positive too, but somehow the “cool” factor seems to affect the dark side. it seems so romantic somehow.

seems to be, but in reality it is not.

Why do conservative Christians seem to be against progress, modernism or behind the times so much?

Do they not know that Jesus achieved all that he did out of nonviolent means? By healing people? And he certainly did not check their health insurance cards first, nor did he even charge them money, or care whether they were wealthy or poor.

people have changed the world more through nonviolent means, by not hiding away, but also not fighting back. It is a very difficult thing to do, but also quite necessary.

but people cling to their guns. and to the hatred of the legalization of abortion.

I think it is because conservative Christians shout “you can’t tell me what to do!!!” as in “you” the government or some other nefarious nebulous thing. But we are all the government. Where would be be without it? We are subject to our human nature: jealousy, violence, selfishness, our dark sides. and because of this, we need a systematic, bureaucratic formal thing called goverment. Thank God for it.

Jesus said “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s” – he did not say you don’t have to pay taxes if you don’t like the government. He say you must do your duty to both government/king and to God.

So conservatives think that God is the only authority and that another man / via government cannot or should not or will not tear them away from their rugged individualism. This is how it is with abortion too. That the power should not be in the hands of a woman to the child growing within her – that only God has that power. But God has given us this power, this free will. and we must let people exercise their own free will as much as possible within the bounds of reason. If a woman does not want to be a mother, she does not have to be one — forcing her to be one is a wrong of government authority – it’s her life and her body and her decision. Go hand out free condoms everywhere and then we can talk. that’s just the way it is.

Antigovernment is just old 60s antiestablishmentarianism come home to roost amongst some rabble rousers who think alot of themselves. Antigovernment is a dread that the government will take away our free will… will enslave us… will keep the system of slavery in place…