I got up very early today and went walking. I am going to walk streets in Rochester. Starting with South Ave. I walked from Westfall to Highland today. Will go all the way Highland to downtown and then do Clinton Ave, and Mt. Hope, Goodman, etc. Main St would be good too. I have to ride my bike or drive to get there to start then track back. I usually walk alone in my walking but sometimes go with Jenn.

I am so used to being solitary, and it does not have to be ingrained. I can always learn to do things differently. but i worry sometimes that I am not good in social situations and how and what I did / do things weirdly.

Money management can still be hard. i went into Aldi to buy an $8 camp chair and came out spending $33 on food as well. Now I don’t even like the camp chair and am going to return it. I even got chocolate and candy bar – what is wrong with me?