Walking the Canal Trail project

My intent is to walk the canal trail all the way to Spencerport and beyond. I have already walked from near my house (natch), I live only 2 blocks from the Erie / Barge canal and canal trail. Of course, I am walking it and then walking back too, so can’t make as much progress as if I had 2 cars or something. will try to do 1 hour a week as long as the weather holds. Once the snow comes and is permanent, it isn’t fun to walk the trail. More fun to x-country ski, but I don’t have any of those – yet!

So far: Genesee Valley – Chili Avenue – done
Chili Avenue – _____


lose weight

I am going to the gym regularly and I wish want to lose weight, but I also love to eat. Or I eat because of need / boredom, munchiness something to do, seeking comfort. but it looks soo sooo bad when i weigh myself with sneakers clothes on! I am over 165 with no clothes on. yikes that is way too much i can’t believe it. Yet I see women who are more chubby than me, but then I say hey I am not that much different. why are we all so fat? It is a melancholy summer afternoon after the rain.


I weighed myself and it was a horrible unGodly amount. So now I have joined PlanetFitness gym and went today after class. but I also got 2 pizzas for One – which is a weird phrase and conundrum and am eating both!! I swore off carbs altogether except for veggies. Hello celery! ok fall off the wagon. stick to soup from now on. 


I got up very early today and went walking. I am going to walk streets in Rochester. Starting with South Ave. I walked from Westfall to Highland today. Will go all the way Highland to downtown and then do Clinton Ave, and Mt. Hope, Goodman, etc. Main St would be good too. I have to ride my bike or drive to get there to start then track back. I usually walk alone in my walking but sometimes go with Jenn.

I am so used to being solitary, and it does not have to be ingrained. I can always learn to do things differently. but i worry sometimes that I am not good in social situations and how and what I did / do things weirdly.

Money management can still be hard. i went into Aldi to buy an $8 camp chair and came out spending $33 on food as well. Now I don’t even like the camp chair and am going to return it. I even got chocolate and candy bar – what is wrong with me?

Hello world!

 Historic picture of High Falls Genesee River at Rochester

Historic picture of High Falls Genesee River at Rochester

Today is very windy. Melancholy. So windy that I can feel the car being bounced around a bit. After church I went and got coffee and wanted to see the High Falls – the wind had died down before church but picked up again. Still I managed, the falls were incredible, full and huge and flowing. The gates under the Inner Loop bridge were opened and the river, swollen with all the melted snow from last few days warm weather just filled the width of the Falls not normally seen except in spring.

I pull up near bridge going over the river – I didn’t venture out onto that, a bit scary could get blown over the side down into the gorge… Next to me was a red car. Oh another brave soul. No there was a guy in the driver’s seat getting a blow job!! yeesh! LOLOL I pulled to another part and parked, watching the millions of gallons of brown turgid water going over the cliff while the wind rocked the car, rattled the metal doors on the Genesee Brewery building. The beautiful old building needs some TLC – it is clearly 19th century Gothic with beautiful arched windows and turrets but has been all boarded up and painted a ghastly piss yellow – or the color of their beer???