If I Had a Hammer

From dailyblog: If I Had a Hammer

If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?

    Want to learn carpentry, electrical, plumbing and landscape work. I do some of this myself in my home and yard, but would love to become a pro. I would love to learn from a master journeywoman because I think I would learn better from a woman than a man, without any sexual tension that might arise (why do I automatically assume that?).

  I like the exactness of electrical and plumbing and I love the ability to really make things with carpentry. I can certainly handle a hammer, saw and screwdriver myself to hang a picture etc. However real stuff like home renovation or building a garden shed would be alot unless I was a helper to a carpenter for example.

  I love working outside in my yard and garden. I subscribe to This Old House and love to watch that show.



Mondays manic and otherwise

It is a good day, though also filled with problems. I went to Mexico, NY on Friday specifically to take pictures of houses and gravestones in cemetery for the Ames Society Newsletter. I forgot the camera, so I went to a store to purchse a one time use camera. It was $10. For $20 I could buy a digital camera. Since the price of processing the film for the one-time-use camera might well cost $10-15, I figured why not get the digital one instead. I bought it and headed off to the cemetery. I forgot to buy batteries. So no pictures of gravestones of Leonard Ames, Jr. and his family.

I bought batteries and started taking pictures. I did open the battery compartment once or twice, then read the manual that said that if you take out the batteries, all the pictures taken will be lost. Now I tried to upload these pictures onto my computer, but there aren’t any pictures in the camera at all!! So it was a waste of gas, time, energy, and money, camera bought for nothing. Oh well, that’s life. I am not complaining.

Accomplishments today, Monday April 16: 1. Almost done with NY Civil Service Exam for Librarian I; 2. Followed up with SUNY Geneseo, called to ask about status of interviews for Milne Library Evening & Weekend Manager position; they said they are interviewing at this time. 3. Sent email to Joan Lee, my old boss at Sully to see if I could take her to lunch sometime. 4. Sent email to people about the parking things and updated the flyer I have been distributing around the neighborhood. I will copy this again and then take it around to rest of Elmerston Road, then Eastmoreland and Edgemont too.

I feel guilty if I read a book during the day. I don’t want to feel like a slacker. I may need to buy a PC computer with Windows. I am trying to look for a job, but I can go to all these networking things / workshops or I can spend that time actively looking for a job.

100th Post

I only have 100 posts on my blog. It isn’t very good. I don’t even update this every week. I will try to maintain it better in the future.

I am not sure why I even do this blog, because it’s just not a big deal. I could do this in my journal too. I don’t think anyone reads it other than Gail now. What is the point of it? oh well. the sun is out this afternoon, amazing how it lightens up my mood. I have been somber and melancholy lately but slowly things are looking different.  Happy 100 Carol.

update on my Bucket / Life List:

1. Go see the Taj Mahal in India

2. Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway

3. Sky dive

4. Take train across the U.S. on the northern route via Minnesota, North Dakota, etc to Seattle.

5. Go stay in Paris for at least 3 months. (take a class at the Sorbonne?!!)

end of the year

2009 has not been a bad year for me. the 00s have been pretty good for me actually. I am happier in my work than I was in 2000. I moved back east. I found work in my field, am using my Master’s degree in my work. Yet I am also frustrated in my work – I often run into this. Frustration with things not being perfect. I feel I have long range views sometimes and can see how things are going to come about. and I get frustrated when I try to warn about things. Or when people say and do things that are hard for me to grasp, that seem impolite, improper, disrespectful, angry… of course who am I? I have these problems too.

New Years Eve and my church has a Burning Bowl Ceremony. Write down all that you want to leave behind in the old year, all feelings, actions, memories, thoughts, attitudes, unnecessary junk… and write it down and give it up to Spirit / to God. Then write out what you would like to welcome into you life in 2010, in the new time/ new year.