Happy winter

I’m neglecting my blog again. I mean to write every week. Sorry blog.

We are having a snow storm and the temp is dropping to close to zero tonight. Still I must go see the  movie at the Dryden Theater just because. I shoveled the driveway a bit, yet the snow piles at end of driveway are so high it is hard to get any more snow over the top.

OK, so I don’t really mind winter. I lived in California for 23 years. I lived in Rochester NY for 18 years before that, and now another 8 years or so. The snow absorbs sound and makes the world more quiet. It is beautiful to look at the unbroken field of snow along the sidewalk, solid and white and glittering. It’s made up of millions of snowflakes, or maybe billions (?) and of course will melt one day soon.

We only have 2-4 weeks of really bad weather left. Somehow I may try to shovel off my lower roof over my downstairs bathroom… have to find the ladder and put it up in 2-3 feet of snow in the backyard… Sunday it is supposed to warm up above 20 so i may do it then.


Oldest Thing

In response to the Daily Prompt, I am writing about the oldest thing I own. That would probably be old photos of ancient ancestors from the early 1800s. I also have 1 piece of china from long dead maternal relatives: great-great-grandmothers, great-grandmothers. Not sure if they got them as wedding presents or not, or when they were bought but some date to mid-1800s. I might try to add a picture of them.

The photos of the ancestors are my great-grandmother’s grandparents or something, Clark Young and his wife. I believe Clark was born in Scotland, not sure about the wife. There are about 5-6 of these plates, with the name of the woman on the back. Those are probably the oldest things I have.


If I Had a Hammer

From dailyblog: If I Had a Hammer

If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?

    Want to learn carpentry, electrical, plumbing and landscape work. I do some of this myself in my home and yard, but would love to become a pro. I would love to learn from a master journeywoman because I think I would learn better from a woman than a man, without any sexual tension that might arise (why do I automatically assume that?).

  I like the exactness of electrical and plumbing and I love the ability to really make things with carpentry. I can certainly handle a hammer, saw and screwdriver myself to hang a picture etc. However real stuff like home renovation or building a garden shed would be alot unless I was a helper to a carpenter for example.

  I love working outside in my yard and garden. I subscribe to This Old House and love to watch that show.


Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door

My backyard still has about 4″ of snow or so, slowly melting. The yard behind mine has standing water. Pond of the Back I call it. We have robins now and I’m sure they are just impatient for the snow to be gone so they can dig up all those juicy worms etc. Yet the ground is still pretty hard for them to get into. I prefer winter really to hot humid August days of summer. yech.
I will be glad to have the robins (and other birds and squirrels) have free access to the grass and roots, so they can aerate my lawn.
The shed in the back is a reminder that as soon as it gets warmer, I will be tearing that thing down. It is all wood and has stood there for 50+ years but due to carpenter ant invasion needs to come down. The walls are still sound and I may salvage them (see if they are cedar??). This shed now has a blue tarp I put up over it in fall.
We’ve had such a cold and strange winter. Started early with a snow storm at Thanksgiving. Then off and on cold and warm. Then very cold. well I really do like winter. Yet I’m not an outdoor winter sports fan or anything.
Due to breaking my ankle 30 years ago this past March I get tendonitis and swelling in my ankle which means I just need to be circumspect about how hard I “play.”

Winter blues and blahs

It’s so easy to sit at home and be depressed / feel deprressed. It is too easy to turn on the tv and tune out.
the quote from the 1960s / 70s counterculture was “Tune in, Drop out…” not Tune Out. So we keep going. I keep going.
And we are not the first peoples to deal with this in history. What was it like to be stuck in a cabin in the middle of vast landscapes as a French trapper in the 1600s in Illinois or Minnesota? Mighty lonely.

Western Civ

Western Civ was a college course that was required by many colleges and universities in America throughout the 1900s, as a way to learn about history and literature, from the Greek myths and Sumerian legends through Beowulf and English and European literature. I have my mom and dad’s big tomes that were used in their college courses, and their report cards too.

Our current culture, especially American culture, is based on this.  Thus, the representation of women and men in popular culture has deep roots in the interpretation of Greek myths in particular. The Age of Enlightenment in Europe, in the 1700s with the latter part of that century filled  with men and women wearing white wigs and extravagant clothing, this period idolized what they drew from ancient Greek and Roman culture. Neoclassicism. So we cannot blame the current state of graphic novels, for example, in how they show women, as well as men.

If the Science Fiction genre traces its roots back to HG Wells and his novels in the early 1900s about Brave New Worlds, and children “created” in a lab via test tube. Now gestation via petrie dish is actually not uncommon, and yet those babies are still born from a woman. Yet for HG Wells book, the woman and the mother is inert, unnecessary. We can make new people without a mother. Take that, mom!

Going back even further is the example of Mary Shelley and Frankenstein. She was in fact the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, who advocated for the Rights of Women. Mary Shelley was creating a horror story, perhaps the first horror novel in western literature, where a person is created out of the flesh of dead people, no mother needed here either. And the Professor has no thoughts of tenderness as he works to create a “new” man. It is entirely from his ego, he simply wants to see if it can be done and perhaps to be the first to do it. Yet he doesn’t know what he is doing, and everything goes wrong. Mary Shelley was a young mother who had children die from disease at a young age.

too darn hot

It’s so hot i feel unable to do anything. yet I know there are people working outside here in Rochester, and in places even hotter. Perhaps being in the outside air makes a difference. I know I got acclimated to the dry air of California when I was there. Rochester has a very high humidity index, higher than Plattsburgh and other parts of the Northeast. blech. Luckily each day brings us closer to mid September when the hot will go back south, and the days are at least shorter and therefore less sun power.
I have opened up the basement for the cats to use – it is cooler down there, but dark and dampish and not as fun as the rest of the house. The cats notice me paying so much attention to the computer screen and rub it to mark it and see what the fuss is about. They are giving me a signal that it’s time to focus elsewhere like the messy state of my dining room / office. I am able to touch type so i don’t need to look at the screen. There are many things I should be doing…

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