If I Had a Hammer

From dailyblog: If I Had a Hammer

If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?

    Want to learn carpentry, electrical, plumbing and landscape work. I do some of this myself in my home and yard, but would love to become a pro. I would love to learn from a master journeywoman because I think I would learn better from a woman than a man, without any sexual tension that might arise (why do I automatically assume that?).

  I like the exactness of electrical and plumbing and I love the ability to really make things with carpentry. I can certainly handle a hammer, saw and screwdriver myself to hang a picture etc. However real stuff like home renovation or building a garden shed would be alot unless I was a helper to a carpenter for example.

  I love working outside in my yard and garden. I subscribe to This Old House and love to watch that show.



Written in 1978

I found this program for a Girl Scout event. I wrote on the front of it. It was a program to inform girls about Girl Scouts what they do etc. I believe!!
I wrote:
Time is now
Time is forever
Time always was and will be, Forever.

I was 14 years old! which is confusing because I was in Seniors by then myself. My sister’s name is listed under the Junior part but she was a Senior in High School and not in Girl scouts that I remember.


Went camping at Letchworth last weekend. Yeah!!! It was great fun. I am an old camper and traveller in the outdoors since I was knee high. I’ve never been camping at Letchworth, just have visited it. I went with a Meet up group and we had a good time I think. I love tent camping, though would do camper too maybe the pop up kind. I still do not have a camping stove. I want and try to cook over wood if I can. After all how many chances do I get to do that? It’s so primitive and simple, taking me back to how we have all lived until barely 100 years ago. Cooking and heating over open wood fires. Maybe coal fires for warmth. and I love sleeping on the ground. My campsite was a bit soggy in some places. But I pitched my tent (my dad’s old tent) in a grassy area under trees. It rained Friday night but I did not get wet at all. But the ground was not the most comfortable, roots around nor smooth and even ground. I found a better spot on Sat night and was fine. I wish I had a friend to go camping with more often, every 2 months or so. Male or female or a group of friends it doesn’t matter. yes I wish I could find a good camping boyfriend, one who likes to tent camp. I am a member of the Adirondack Club but I haven’t really met or gotten involved with it. For one thing I’m not a heavy duty hiker.
I went for a good long hike on Sunday, only in my sneakers, and I was sore in my ankle the next day, very stiff and sore. I hiked along the rim trail on my own. Found plastic bottles along the way which I picked up to dispose of properly. This is something my dad did, and I always remember that about him. He was very kind and gentle and caring. He was a boy scout when he was young too. Loved hiking and backpacking in the outdoors. Now I have his tent. I need better hiking boots to do hiking really.