Happy winter

I’m neglecting my blog again. I mean to write every week. Sorry blog.

We are having a snow storm and the temp is dropping to close to zero tonight. Still I must go see the  movie at the Dryden Theater just because. I shoveled the driveway a bit, yet the snow piles at end of driveway are so high it is hard to get any more snow over the top.

OK, so I don’t really mind winter. I lived in California for 23 years. I lived in Rochester NY for 18 years before that, and now another 8 years or so. The snow absorbs sound and makes the world more quiet. It is beautiful to look at the unbroken field of snow along the sidewalk, solid and white and glittering. It’s made up of millions of snowflakes, or maybe billions (?) and of course will melt one day soon.

We only have 2-4 weeks of really bad weather left. Somehow I may try to shovel off my lower roof over my downstairs bathroom… have to find the ladder and put it up in 2-3 feet of snow in the backyard… Sunday it is supposed to warm up above 20 so i may do it then.


Oldest Thing

In response to the Daily Prompt, I am writing about the oldest thing I own. That would probably be old photos of ancient ancestors from the early 1800s. I also have 1 piece of china from long dead maternal relatives: great-great-grandmothers, great-grandmothers. Not sure if they got them as wedding presents or not, or when they were bought but some date to mid-1800s. I might try to add a picture of them.

The photos of the ancestors are my great-grandmother’s grandparents or something, Clark Young and his wife. I believe Clark was born in Scotland, not sure about the wife. There are about 5-6 of these plates, with the name of the woman on the back. Those are probably the oldest things I have.


kind of boring Fridays are my norm

I live a pretty boring life. I don’t go out much on Fridays. Some Saturdays I can be found ushering at the RPO. I don’t date really. I would like to but I don’t pursue it too much. I go to movies by myself or with friends. I am not a clubber. I watch my Netflix movies on DVD, which really could be very pathetic if I thought about it or let it. But that is just my life. ta da.
Haven’t found my group to go out with on Friday nights. How would I like to spend my Friday nights – occasionally, or regularly – with a man friend or group of friends, etc??? Hmmm i just now am thinking about this.

Steve Jobs

There is so much being written about this man now. hmmm. Well I won’t go into my own stuff. However I read a piece where the guy thinks Steve Jobs killed nostalgia. No. He was against nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. Not that you should not learn from the past, appreciate the past, keep the important stuff from the past. After all, this was a man who owned a company that produced the Toy Story movies, among other very fun, friendly, warm, moving, inspiring movies. Do not get stuck in the past, which is often a trap, a distraction.

Painting the bedroom

Finally finally I am painting my bedroom. It was last painted 30 years ago when I was 16 or 17. It was painted powder blue and yellow. ick. now it is a lovely darkish brown / grey / stone color. I hope it will be warm and comforting in the winter. One wall – the northern outside wall slopes up so there is no corner between wall and ceiling. This wall and the ceiling were painted yellow. Now I can leave my 16 year old self behind. yeahhh!!!

why do i run out of time for things? Time management is truly an art and a science too. also moving living room furniture around. I want to get rid of this table I am writing on – it was our kitchen table. i want another / better / real desk. no fiberboard wood either! so take that!

Pictures from neighborhood Winter 2010

Winter is beautiful.

a sunny day