Her Fearful Symmetry

I am reading this for my bookclub. I am really enjoying it. Set in both London and Lake Forest, IL, it follows 2 sets of twins in the US and in London. In the chapters set in Britain, Audrey Niffenegger uses “Britishisms” in her writing. Do I find this pretentious or not?

For example, a flashlight is described as a “torch”.  And “pudding” and a few other telltale phrases and words that mean you are a native-born British speaker of the English language. I was listening to a Harry Potter book on tape, and noticed that a few words were “Americanized”, possibly because the books have a large juvenile audience who wouldn’t have the foggiest notion of what some words mean in the U.S.? hmmmm.

It is hard for me to make /take the time to read a book, even when I really enjoy the book. I feel guilty or something. why?


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