From the Mountains

This is reply to the Daily Prompt: Mountain

Everything comes down from the mountains to us. Water, earth, air, fire sometimes. I have visited mountains and am always inspired and awestruck. Currently I live near hills, and when I look down the the Bristol Hills in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York, I feel calm and appreciate the beauty.

Recently, the hill from where I can claim this view is **grrrr** being developed and buildings block this view somewhat. This area had been County land with County buildings, and 100 years ago was a tuberculosis hospital and home. Time goes on and we must go with it. Mountains seem timeless but of course they change too, just much much more slowly than the average human lifespan.

In high school I went to camp at a ranch in the Collegiate Range of Colorado — it was so beautiful. Then I lived in California, which has many mountain ranges, the least of which is the Sierra Nevada. Now I live neither near the ocean nor (big) mountains. The closest I could get would be the Adirondacks. Which are beautiful.

Whatever happens in our world, mountains will endure.




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