More on Star Wars oy Vader!

There are those who don’t like Hayden. I think he is very good as the brash young Jedi in training. just a few scenes show this so clearly: The Tusken Raider killing admission scene, the “I’m pregnant” scene. and more. How he is with the Emperor, etc.

I think some people are uncomfortable with his acting because it is so raw, and so spot-on. He is supposed to be all powerful, and he shows his vulnerability. And how easy is it to play the man inside the monster, the man before he is the monster, showing him as a goofy, obnoxious young man?

Mainly I think the acting, directing and writing are fine but somehow it all gets so clogged up throughout Episodes 1-3. It’s like the actors are all wading through the garbage muck or swamp on Yoda’s planet. In contrast Episode 4 A New Hope is like a fast roller coaster ride, yet not overwhelming nor too fast.


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