women and men

Last time I checked, every single person on this planet gets 2 cells to start out life with: 1 from mom and 1 from dad. Therefore each and everyone of us is a mixture of male and female. Yes men have XY and women have XX but these are just metaphors.
The Alpha Male is simply a myth at least for humans. To me, the true alpha males were Jesus and Ghandi and Maya Angelou and really truly brave brave souls who cannot stay restricted to what is defined for him or her. Buddha. Thomas Jefferson. Aristotle.
For some to think it means a muscly Superman or Batman type person/ man who gets all the babes he wants any and all the time, you are misled. Look within. That which you seek is within you. It is not in some hot sorority babe woman or in being CEO or President or having 250 children. (by the way, Osama Bin Laden’s father sired over 200 children and had upteem wives. look how his son turned out!)

I think technology and the Internetzation of life has made us more isolated and lonely. GO out and hike in the woods or fields or beach. Nature heals. The greater segregation of genders is troubling. We need to each understand others, of both genders. We need to know ourselves.


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