Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door

My backyard still has about 4″ of snow or so, slowly melting. The yard behind mine has standing water. Pond of the Back I call it. We have robins now and I’m sure they are just impatient for the snow to be gone so they can dig up all those juicy worms etc. Yet the ground is still pretty hard for them to get into. I prefer winter really to hot humid August days of summer. yech.
I will be glad to have the robins (and other birds and squirrels) have free access to the grass and roots, so they can aerate my lawn.
The shed in the back is a reminder that as soon as it gets warmer, I will be tearing that thing down. It is all wood and has stood there for 50+ years but due to carpenter ant invasion needs to come down. The walls are still sound and I may salvage them (see if they are cedar??). This shed now has a blue tarp I put up over it in fall.
We’ve had such a cold and strange winter. Started early with a snow storm at Thanksgiving. Then off and on cold and warm. Then very cold. well I really do like winter. Yet I’m not an outdoor winter sports fan or anything.
Due to breaking my ankle 30 years ago this past March I get tendonitis and swelling in my ankle which means I just need to be circumspect about how hard I “play.”


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