too darn hot

It’s so hot i feel unable to do anything. yet I know there are people working outside here in Rochester, and in places even hotter. Perhaps being in the outside air makes a difference. I know I got acclimated to the dry air of California when I was there. Rochester has a very high humidity index, higher than Plattsburgh and other parts of the Northeast. blech. Luckily each day brings us closer to mid September when the hot will go back south, and the days are at least shorter and therefore less sun power.
I have opened up the basement for the cats to use – it is cooler down there, but dark and dampish and not as fun as the rest of the house. The cats notice me paying so much attention to the computer screen and rub it to mark it and see what the fuss is about. They are giving me a signal that it’s time to focus elsewhere like the messy state of my dining room / office. I am able to touch type so i don’t need to look at the screen. There are many things I should be doing…


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