My thoughts and feelings on the Fbook place

Facebook, hmmmmm. Lately I have come to dislike Facebook. I use it sporadically, sometimes 5x a day, sometimes not for a month. The ads on the side of the screen really bug me — they seem to have tracked some weirdo cookies onto my browser and no amount of cache-clearing or deleting cookies will make them NOT stick. In fact the ads are so not what I want or am looking for, not at all ME and I just dislike them. I blocked part of my screen off with a paper and scotch tape so I don’t have to look at them. Facebook wants to MAKE me look at them. Fine I can understand other websites doing this — they need to make money. But Facebook has so much ooodles of money, it’s just plain annoying.

Lately I see ads in the scroll that I go through to see what is “going on” with my friends pages. But if I keep seeing it and the noise –  signal ratio gets too high, that’s fine I will cancel my Facebook account and go back to writing friends real paper letters etc.

However, I enjoy Facebook somewhat, yet it is strange too. It’s a bit too much like high school and college etc. It is helpful to remember the origin of this thing — as a way to rate how pretty girls were at Harvard. Basically a gossip rag.

Mark Zuckerberg and his investors / VC people saw something in Facebook as a way to make the Internet more intimate. Not even Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or any other Silicon Valley guru came up with that idea. It took a few young men at Harvard. OK, but that still makes it based on something a young man came up with. Young men are notorious for not necessarily knowing much about the broader world, how it works etc.

I do not like how Facebook is used in bullying, in shaming people, how it is so easy to create conflict and tension and pain — and this is from a computer screen — it’s not real life like your kids or garden or anything else.


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