Hello blog. I do apologize that I have been neglecting you. Here I am. I have been following only for a few days the heated storm that is going on over sexism in science fiction & fantasy stuff.

I didn’t pay too much attention, though I was surprised – not in a good way – that Carol was taking off her clothes there and then. Couldn’t she plan better? BUT I didn’t think Kirk turned around to see her naked / underwear on purpose, more out of curiosity and confusion. BUT did she delay just so he could see her naked? If it had been me I would have worked as quickly as possible to put my clothes on and when I saw him turn around I would have said “wait”. Or turn around myself. Not to show off my underwear to Kirk and to the great Star Trek audience. Was it gratuitious? yes probably.

I don’t like science fiction too much except I was very much into Star Wars, and watch the movies on DVD fairly often. Do I like seeing Leia in a metal bikini? no not at all. What is the point of it other than to have a naked female. I’ve fallen away from it for awhile though. It isn’t great towards or for women, necessarily, for all that Leia stands up to Darth Vader, and the character Mara Jade from the Expanded Universe of books, comic books, video games, etc.

The covers of all these comic books are so weird and bizarre – they scream “We Hate Women” or “All Women will eventually be vanquished by the Strong Man in this story” as in slaying the female beast. or that “We are Scared of Women” they really do look like blobs of plastic with half-molded grapefruits stuck to the women’s chests like they are clay and unyielding flesh. Not at all womanly or feminine.

Science Fiction is boring that way. Fantasy is much the same thing, just uses “magic” instead of space ships and laser guns.


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