Gender writing

So the problem with sexism in literature and the publishing world is that the more we emphasize our separateness and drive into little boxes or camps where each of us feels “safe” because we are with people we look like / sound like / think alike / where we can reinforce our separateness, is that we don’t understand or learn about the world.

some people – men ?? – seem to complain about the “feminization” of science fiction. What does that mean? That there are too many female writers writing science fiction? Or too many of the readers are women? or that the writing is going less down the old tried and used tropes of old stories of the STRONG HERO and the WEAK DAMSEL to be SAVED through force or magic or star ships or the military or the big awesome strength and length of the hero’s penis and muscles. oooh ahhh! I just want to have sex with you all the time and do nothing other than exist to have sex with you, to be for you here always just for that purpose because because that is what you deserve. As if every woman in the universe is interested in having sex with you all the time, everytime, in every place.

Grow up.

Men if you are obsessed with sex and think about all the time, you have aproblem. It’s called ego. It’s called narcissism, and pathology and over-identification with your sexual self. Your penis is not You. It is not your true essence of being. That is beyond sexual organs.


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