hot Dickens

Why do people “_____ as the Dickens?” I must look this up. Also must look up the value of these old books on the bookshelf that are in the living room. Old atlas and books. see what I can get at bookseller.

It is too  humid. how i long for rain, a nice lovely 2 day rain session. oh come on! ok i meant to water the lawn tonight and forgot. I may do so tomorrow morning though better to do it at night. i’m sitting here sweaty and the fans are off. going to bed soon.

Britain is not ready for the Olympics. They still have 4 more of those Eye things to build, and then paint them the right colors. I have never been to UK in the summer.  sometimes i think of posting ideas or thoughts on Facebook but put them here instead. I guess they are more personal ideas, and I worry about being boring or inappropriate.

it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Will turn on the AC tomorrow, supposed to be hotter and as or more humid.

Yesterday was Saturday and I set out to do “Nothing.” so I gave myself permission to sleep in as long as I want, all day even. and to read read my books. but i did go usher at the RPO for Pirates of the Caribbean movie. That was fun.

today the usual: church and then go see mom and play scrabble. it was fine.


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