Mondays manic and otherwise

It is a good day, though also filled with problems. I went to Mexico, NY on Friday specifically to take pictures of houses and gravestones in cemetery for the Ames Society Newsletter. I forgot the camera, so I went to a store to purchse a one time use camera. It was $10. For $20 I could buy a digital camera. Since the price of processing the film for the one-time-use camera might well cost $10-15, I figured why not get the digital one instead. I bought it and headed off to the cemetery. I forgot to buy batteries. So no pictures of gravestones of Leonard Ames, Jr. and his family.

I bought batteries and started taking pictures. I did open the battery compartment once or twice, then read the manual that said that if you take out the batteries, all the pictures taken will be lost. Now I tried to upload these pictures onto my computer, but there aren’t any pictures in the camera at all!! So it was a waste of gas, time, energy, and money, camera bought for nothing. Oh well, that’s life. I am not complaining.

Accomplishments today, Monday April 16: 1. Almost done with NY Civil Service Exam for Librarian I; 2. Followed up with SUNY Geneseo, called to ask about status of interviews for Milne Library Evening & Weekend Manager position; they said they are interviewing at this time. 3. Sent email to Joan Lee, my old boss at Sully to see if I could take her to lunch sometime. 4. Sent email to people about the parking things and updated the flyer I have been distributing around the neighborhood. I will copy this again and then take it around to rest of Elmerston Road, then Eastmoreland and Edgemont too.

I feel guilty if I read a book during the day. I don’t want to feel like a slacker. I may need to buy a PC computer with Windows. I am trying to look for a job, but I can go to all these networking things / workshops or I can spend that time actively looking for a job.


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