Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I saw this last night at the 5:10 show at Movies 10, a great discount movie theater in Rochester – technically in Henrietta. It was nominated for Best Picture for the Oscars. It is about a boy whose father dies in the towers on 9/11. He has borderline Asperger’s so is what some would consider “weird.” His father was his best friend. The story follows him in flashbacks with his father and then a year later as he is realizing that he is starting to forget things about his father. He finds an item and this sets him off on a a quest. Most of the movie centers around this young boy, with Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock playing the parents. The movie is about grief and growing up. Love and remembrance. I liked it, I cried. The movie almost relied too much on the kid and his quirkiness. Yet it was worthwhile to see those events and death itself through a child’s eyes.


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