100th Post

I only have 100 posts on my blog. It isn’t very good. I don’t even update this every week. I will try to maintain it better in the future.

I am not sure why I even do this blog, because it’s just not a big deal. I could do this in my journal too. I don’t think anyone reads it other than Gail now. What is the point of it? oh well. the sun is out this afternoon, amazing how it lightens up my mood. I have been somber and melancholy lately but slowly things are looking different.  Happy 100 Carol.

update on my Bucket / Life List:

1. Go see the Taj Mahal in India

2. Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway

3. Sky dive

4. Take train across the U.S. on the northern route via Minnesota, North Dakota, etc to Seattle.

5. Go stay in Paris for at least 3 months. (take a class at the Sorbonne?!!)


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