I need to write today. Two job leads that have fizzled in the past hour or so. Well I will try to do the UR one later. Then Rochester Works called me – they are acting like a screening agency / to pass on information to employers. But that feels really icky kind of. Because I am Rochester Works’ client and now if they are advocating for me fine. That feels a bit weird, because it is a tax-supported office. I can just go down to an agency if I want. But I did that, and I was depressed in the Bay Area. I tried to apply for an Administrative Assistant job at the Eastman School of Music – yeah! I would really love that. BUT the online web application thing just stops on me and I have to cancel and close out my browser. I called the HR helpline and they say “it doesn’t like Macs” very much. ok. I will then go down to the library to use that one to apply. yeesh.

i know this may be confusing to read. I was very motivated yesterday to go apply for a job at Starbucks and/or Panera. I will call them up now. I am reading through Pete Chatfield’s long emails for job leads.


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