his may be off subject, but I feel it is related: What is it about literature that has a phobia about mothers? Can you name me a good, strong, normal mother character? Perhaps this goes back to Greek Myths, the strongest goddess is Athena, goddess of war and wisdom… Most “romance” novels are extremely lacking in good older female role models for the heroine. Even Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s mother is sort of a joke, a cariacature. Nowhere do we get her perspective, of having to secure the future of 5 daughters, which may not be easy at all in early 1800s England. many women ended up destitute widows or worse, even if they “marry well.”
This is what bothers me about Star Wars too, we have seen some of Leia’s strength of motherhood in the EU, but at the end she had to become a lightsaber wielding fighter chick to be “real” or “strong.” We know nothing about Mara’s mother. We also hear nothing from Padme’s mother and her reaction to that weird Jedi Anakin guy or anything else that happens in Padme’s life. Little Women does well, but Marme is a secondary character, the epitome of quiet strength and fortitude, doing one’s duty. It’s like a character is a good mother if she gives up her child – Mara had to leave Ben to keep him safe, Tenel Ka has to give up her kid too.


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