Saturday today

I am not the type to blog about every thing in my life. But sometimes I think about doing that. But I forget or don’t have time. Today I got up very early and went walking. I try to not complain – but I do not like the mugginess. Thought we were done with this muggy hot days, but we are in the midst of a two day pass til the storm comesm tomorrow, Sunday to clear it out. It is September already. I am almost thinking of going to Wendy’s for a hamburger!!! Looking online at the facts of what is in those things sobers me up. Maybe an eggplant parm sub sandwich instead. It is vegetarian at least. But the cheese is not organic. Also the bread in that has so much carbs and they might put me to sleep soon tonight.

Was at the movie today and an older couple sat down next to me. I could tell they were kind of loud and talkative, so I asked them, in a nice way, if they were going to talk during the movie. The lady got very upset and told me I was rude and was flabbergasted. “I came to see the movie” she told me. I nodded and said “good.” Yet i moved down a few seats. She kept up with her anger “Can you believe what she just said to me?” and repeated it. They did start talking and making noise with their food and then the DID talk throughout the movie at times – not all the time, but enough and they just HAD to mention things – what is going on, etcc. Why does everyone need to comment about movies, shows, etc?? I did not think I was being rude, it was a simple question. It is all in the mind of the beholder. Yet I could have done it differently. I could have simply moved when they were coming into the seats and moved to another place. But I was there first and had a nice centrally located seat in the back.

So I went to movie and to Lori’s, where I also said something weird to the salesclerk. I went up to him as he was not helping anyone and he had indicated that he could help me. BUT his friend was standing there talking to him, and the clerk was looking at him, yet motioning me, but not looking at me much, glancing at me, but paying attention to his friend. I stayed back, waiting and he was perplexed. I said I would wait til he was done with his friend “Because you are paying attention to him and not paying attention to me” I explained. He did smile and said “How are you today” and I smiled back and asked him how he was too. But i do not think he was happy with my comment. If I am standing there and you are doing my groceries – you could make a mistake, you could do anything. At the very least, I deserve your undivided attention because I am about to hand you money.

I meant to use this money to buy a new cell phone, but I do not know what to get. Now I’ve spent much of this monoey.


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