It’s not the heat, yes it is! July 19

    I feel like I’ve been gone a million years and yet I only went to pinewood for 24 hours basically. it was alot of fun. so good to get away and be outside and even to use a latrine. We all got along for millions of years without indoor plumbing, not that I want to do away with mine or anyone else’s, but it’s good to do something different – old fashioned at times. Especially in the summer.

   Today at least we have a breeze, and it was cooler this morning. Still I have both fans going in the downstairs. And I hear the cicadas buzzing now at 12:21 pm so it will be a hot afternoon. I will make a run to the thrift store today. The one on East Main St. It is farther away from me than the ones in Henrietta.

Also getting some work done around the house – clean out clean out clean out. It’s a mantra. May go to a movie later at Movies 10. Maybe around 4 pm when it is really hottest. The problem with the City is that the macadam and the buildings all absorb heat and radiate it out again towards all of us alive things: people, plants, animals, insects. It makes it hotter.

  Why did I ever leave the great city of San Francisco where the climate is so perfect. Not much humidity. OK the summers can be bummers, esp out in the western boonies that I lived in: foggy and chilly. BUT I would take that today over the humidity. ok now to get some work done rather than wasting time on this damn computer! Curse you Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Cicso and Sun Microsystems!! for making the Internet! cause it’s so much fun. 


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