Movie: Lincoln Lawyer

I saw this last night at Movies 10 (Tues only $1). yes it was good and entertaining, but I left thinking I need to use the Mo Movie Measure.

What’s the Mo Movie Measure, you ask? It’s an idea from Alison Bechdel’s brilliant comic strip, Dykes to Watch Out For. The character “Mo” explains that she only watches movies in which:

  1. there are at least two named female characters, who
  2. talk to each other about
  3. something other than a man.

It’s appalling how few movies can pass the Mo Movie Measure. from

The only women in The Lincoln Lawyer were prostitutes who got beaten up or killed or put in jail, the ex-wife who drank too much and just had to had to sleep with the hero lawyer (because she would never run across another guy to be with), oh and a cold bitch mother who kills a good guy, and gets her fair due in the end by the hero. yikes.


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