Recent Movies 2011

Source Code: I liked it. I give it a thumbs up, a B+ as a movie. It was thoughtful but also an action flick. I like action movies as much as dramas, comedies etc. Intriguing and a good performance by Jake Gyllenhall.

Hanna: This was okay. It kept my interest and the acting was very good, but how come this girls long blonde hair never got tangled or dirty? Didn’t she want to braid it down her back at any point? Some parts seemed to over the top and implausable, and not in a good way. Another thriller-action type movie about a girl living in remote arctic with her father, and the CIA operative who is trying to kill them. Great how the cuts to the Cate Blanchett character were done. But how did she hide out in the van during all the border crossings? and didn’t she have to pee at any point? She knows how to hunt prey and kill caribou and defend herself against her father when he tries to jump her at night, but she doesn’t want to be a perfect killing machine. The violence was over the top, unnecessary in this thriller-drama. I give it a C.


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