Mara Jade, Star Wars, Sci Fi and women

I am not writing about this as a feminist, but just as a general topic. If I write about women then why is it automatically a feminist issue? This affects more than women.
I loved the Star Wars movies when they first came out in 1977. Indeed I traveled far by bus 2 more times within that first year to see Star Wars 2 more times which was unprecedented in my family. We barely went to see any movies 1 time, much less going back again to see it twice. Then I found a book, “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” which I read and enjoyed. It delved more into the story of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. But I forgot about the content etc and can’t say I read it again. Still I enjoyed it. Went to see the next two movies as they came out. Then of course no more movies. I even went to see that horrid duck movie.
It is 1991 and I am living in San Francisco. I am in the Green Apple Bookstore and I see a book there, in the new and hot section: Dark Force Rising and it says Star Wars on it. It’s a hardcover, and expensive and I usually don’t buy new books, new hardcovers cuz they are alot of money, more than I spend. So i dont’ get it right away but I know I want it, I really really want it. I read parts of it and find alot of story about Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker and more new characters. Finally I break down and buy it (and it was discounted at Green Apple, not full price). then I discover there is an earlier book, “Heir to the Empire” and I go and find that book as used and buy that and read it too. I loved them! I didnt’ necessarily like Mara Jade too much, felt she was too hard, too aggressive. but she grew on me and I did like it eventually.


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