the dark side is easy

the dark side is easy. it’s easy to be angry or depressed or negative. actually it is easy to be positive too, but somehow the “cool” factor seems to affect the dark side. it seems so romantic somehow.

seems to be, but in reality it is not.

Why do conservative Christians seem to be against progress, modernism or behind the times so much?

Do they not know that Jesus achieved all that he did out of nonviolent means? By healing people? And he certainly did not check their health insurance cards first, nor did he even charge them money, or care whether they were wealthy or poor.

people have changed the world more through nonviolent means, by not hiding away, but also not fighting back. It is a very difficult thing to do, but also quite necessary.

but people cling to their guns. and to the hatred of the legalization of abortion.

I think it is because conservative Christians shout “you can’t tell me what to do!!!” as in “you” the government or some other nefarious nebulous thing. But we are all the government. Where would be be without it? We are subject to our human nature: jealousy, violence, selfishness, our dark sides. and because of this, we need a systematic, bureaucratic formal thing called goverment. Thank God for it.

Jesus said “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s” – he did not say you don’t have to pay taxes if you don’t like the government. He say you must do your duty to both government/king and to God.

So conservatives think that God is the only authority and that another man / via government cannot or should not or will not tear them away from their rugged individualism. This is how it is with abortion too. That the power should not be in the hands of a woman to the child growing within her – that only God has that power. But God has given us this power, this free will. and we must let people exercise their own free will as much as possible within the bounds of reason. If a woman does not want to be a mother, she does not have to be one — forcing her to be one is a wrong of government authority – it’s her life and her body and her decision. Go hand out free condoms everywhere and then we can talk. that’s just the way it is.

Antigovernment is just old 60s antiestablishmentarianism come home to roost amongst some rabble rousers who think alot of themselves. Antigovernment is a dread that the government will take away our free will… will enslave us… will keep the system of slavery in place…


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