movies movies

I have seen a ton of movies lately:
1/1/10 – It’s Complicated
12/30/09 – The Road
12/27/09 – Sherlock Holmes
12/26/09 – Everyone’s Fine + Pirate Radio
12/24/09 – Up in the Air

I have enjoyed all of them, some have not gotten great reviews, but I like all of these. I really laughed today at “It’s Complicated” – so refreshing to see romance with middle aged people – hello! We still have sex!@!! and want to. and often it’s much LESS complicated after you hit 35 or 40.

I may take my tree down tomorrow. It’s nice but I’m not so much into it really. I had a great time last night at New Years Eve. I stayed up past what I normally do at night – so good to do that. Went to see fireworks on Main St. Bridge, then to 2 bars / clubs. I liked the first one really but others wanted to go to Luxe,so we headed there. There was some wet snow but it wasn’t that cold outside. I really enjoyed the fireworks. I also got my packages sent off. Now I am in a cleaning mode. Time to clean out my and my mother’s stuff – out with the old and in with the new!!


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