end of the year

2009 has not been a bad year for me. the 00s have been pretty good for me actually. I am happier in my work than I was in 2000. I moved back east. I found work in my field, am using my Master’s degree in my work. Yet I am also frustrated in my work – I often run into this. Frustration with things not being perfect. I feel I have long range views sometimes and can see how things are going to come about. and I get frustrated when I try to warn about things. Or when people say and do things that are hard for me to grasp, that seem impolite, improper, disrespectful, angry… of course who am I? I have these problems too.

New Years Eve and my church has a Burning Bowl Ceremony. Write down all that you want to leave behind in the old year, all feelings, actions, memories, thoughts, attitudes, unnecessary junk… and write it down and give it up to Spirit / to God. Then write out what you would like to welcome into you life in 2010, in the new time/ new year.


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