Henry 8th and British Actors

Why are we all so obsessed with Henry VIII of England????? Really there are so so so many movies  and tv series made about that family of dunces. Because it set into motion so much: wars, religious upheaval, America, exploration, off with the King’s head, Elizabeth I, one of the greatest monarchs Britain ever had. So much of world history has roots from this time  — exploration of trade routes, literature, Shakespeare. We all love the brits but also we despise them. Hey that’s why we had the American Revolution… War for Independence…. no taxation without representation…

Why do I write this??? Looking at the Netflix account about the Tudors series with Jonathan Rhys Meyers — I don’t have cable, so would watch it via Netflix.

Also: Helena Bonham Carter is so gorgeous in Harry Potter movies as Bellatrix… she is delicious, I love her! Absolutely great in just about every movie she does.


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